Adopted 11/05/19. Implementation next steps paused until 2021, check back here for details.

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  • July 16, 2019 Presentation to Town Council

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    A series of key questions are being posed to the Town Council and members of the community that will be used to help frame the next steps in the Vail Civic Area master planning process. The discussions will take place in two sessions during the Tuesday, July 16 Town Council meeting:

    • The first discussion, outlining potential financial considerations, is listed as 2.3 on the afternoon agenda which begins at 1 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers. Link to afternoon presentation
    • The second discussion, to refine and prioritize site-specific concepts, is listed as action item 4 on the evening meeting agenda which begins at 6 p.m. Opportunities for public comment will be offered during both agenda discussions. Link to evening presentation

  • June 18, 2019 Presentation to Town Council

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    Presentation to June 18, 2019 Town Council on concepts for the Civic Area.

    Link to Presentation.

  • May 21, 2019 Presentation to Town Council - Design Concepts, Market Context and Next Steps

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    Presentation the Project Team made to Town Council on May 21st.

    Link to Presentation.

  • Process Committee Presentation, May 16, 2019

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    On May 16th, the Project Team met with the Process Committee to present an update on the second window of community engagement. This is the presentation from the meeting.

  • Community Input Sought during Next Phase of Civic Area Master Plan Process

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    An open house on April 17 and a series of short, interactive surveys at EngageVail.comwill be available to collect comments and feedback from the community during the next phase of the Town of Vail Civic Area planning process, which extends from April 12 through April 28.

  • Channel 5 Broadcast of April 2nd

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    Watch the Channel 5 broadcast of the April 2nd update on the Civic Area to Town Council.

  • Update to Town Council Tuesday, April 2nd - First Look at Possibilities for Civic Area

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    Update to Council - Next Tuesday, April 2nd
    Since our last update to Council on February 19, 2019, the project team has taken the key themes from the first public engagement window and created various design concepts to illustrate ideas for how these themes could work on each of the five sites in the study area.

    The ideas presented to Council will provide visualizations of possible improvements in response to community input and in doing so foster further discussion of the Civic Area. An introductory discussion of market and financial considerations will also be presented next Tuesday by Economic Planning Systems. This presentation will provide background information for the next steps in the planning process.

  • 11 Key Takeaways from First Window of Engagement

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    Over 500 people participated both online and in person to help define the key areas of study for the Town of Vail Civic Area Plan. These will help define the future study for improvements and upgrades in the Civic Area. Here are the Key Takeaways:

    1. Improve and expand parking and accessibility throughout.
    2. Improve pedestrian access, safety, aesthetics.
    3. Improve community green spaces, integrate local art.
    4. Upgrade Dobson Ice Arena: expand its uses (evaluate the need for a second sheet of ice/multi-use), improve its aesthetics.
    5. Keep the Vail Public Library where it is; link it with Dobson Ice Arena.
    6. Improve the Municipal Complex aesthetics, or relocate/redevelop site.
    7. Better utilize the Charter Bus Lot.
    8. Implement a community facility with flexible space for multi-function events, community gatherings, performing arts, recreation.
    9. Support the active community with outdoor recreation spaces.
    10. Explore housing opportunities.
    11. Advocate public-private partnerships within the civic area.

  • Annual Town of Vail Community Meeting - Next Tuesday 3/12 5-7pm at Donovan Pavilion

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    Annual Town of Vail Community Meeting Next Tuesday + Civic Area Plan update

    Details: Tuesday, March 12th, 5-7pm @ Donovan Pavilion (Doors open at 4:30, Presentation at 5:30)

    We just presented our findings to Town Council on February 19th and would love to share them with you in person at the Town of Vail Annual Community Meeting. Town staff will be there to share the 11 Key Takeaways from the first phase of engagement and talk about what's next.

    In addition to learning about the Civic Area, come by to hear about everything that is happening in Vail including:

    • Vail's economic health
    • Progress on Housing, Parking and Transportation
    • Sustainability achievements
    • What's coming in 2019

  • Watch the Civic Area Presentation from Town Council meeting on February 19th

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    On February 19th, we presented the initial findings from the first window of engagement to Town Council. We received public testimony and feedback from Town Council that will direct the next phase of work. Watch the video here on High Five Access Media.