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June 28-29 Vail Public Feedback Takeaways

Key Takeaways in April Shared and Validated in June Public Feedback Sessions

Workforce & Housing

  1. There is a wide range of opinions about the value of local workers living in Town versus down valley.
  2. The cost of housing has crossed a tipping point where local businesses can’t operate at full capacity.
  3. There is a long waiting list for childcare providers, and many parents are using unregulated help.
  4. Local public transit is excellent but there’s significant need for longer hours and extended routes.
  5. More can be done to support non-English speaking workers.

The Vail Economy

  • More comprehensive data management capabilities will better inform and align decision making in the public, private and civic sectors.
  • Local entrepreneurs and remote workers could potentially help diversify the economy with support from the Town of Vail, in sectors such as technology and health.
  • The seasonal nature of Vail’s economy hampers investment, although many locals seem to appreciate slower times. Regional collaboration within Eagle County offers opportunities.
  • Events with global thought leadership will enhance the Vail brand.
  • There is a lack of professional development opportunities locally.

Environment & Sustainability

  • There is widespread sentiment that visitor volumes often exceed the capacity of Vail, and there isn’t the data to identify overall social and environmental impacts.
  • Specifically, local trails, wildlife and water quality are under threat.
  • Greater education about sustainability for both locals and residents could significantly improve the local environment and social fabric.
  • It is critical to develop workable solutions for parking and accessibility.
  • Residents believe destination marketing should share local values relating to the region’s environment and way of life.

Quality of Life & Experience

  • Prioritize placemaking. Many residents are craving a stronger sense of community where people interact with their neighbors more easily.
  • There is considerable demand for a multi-purpose community center.
  • There is widespread concern about the decreasing percentage of young people living in Vail.
  • Residents are aware that tourism represents the bulk of the economy, but there should be a greater focus on attracting quality over quantity. 
  • There is a common feeling that many people must work so hard to live in Town today that they can’t enjoy the reasons why they moved to Vail. 
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